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    Finums LTD is managed by a team who have extensive experience in the field of investment.

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    We believe in instant payments so that our clients enjoy payouts without any unnecessary waiting time.

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    Profitable plans

    Our investment plans are designed to generate maximum profits with minimum investment.

Great empires are built through good partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances. This also applies to big investment programs. Without good partnerships and mutually beneficial alliances, a big investment program will fail to sustain.

Andrew O'Brien , Director of Finums Ltd.

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Investment Plans

In Finums LTD, you will receive profit every day, including weekends. You will enjoy perpetual profits each day of the month.

If you invest in our company you will receive 1.2% Daily Lifelong for Stable Plan. For Conservative Plan you will get 0.5%-2% daily. For Moderate Plan you will get 0.3%-2.5% daily. For Aggressive Plan you will get 0.1%-2.9% daily for 60 days. Compounding is available in all plans. Hence you get the maximum profits with minimum risk possible.

Stable Plan

1.2% Daily Lifelong

Principal available after 20 days Anytime with 20% fee.

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Compounding available in all plans

What Our Client's Say About FinUms

About FinUms Ltd

Finums LTD is an investment company, which was founded in 2018 by commercial traders with many years of experience of successful activity in the financial Forex market. Since 2007, our team has been developing its own strategies of trading and currency exchange applying all professional knowledge, techniques and skills that allow us to generate stable cash flows with minimal risk of financial loss.

These rules are developed by experts in the field of multicurrency trading and fundamental analysis of the Forex market & they are ideal for our business and constantly being improved.

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FINUMS LTD (Reg No. 11598927)

  • 44 Ludgate Hill Fleet Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7AA
  • +44 7700 900077
  • support@finums.com

Why Choose Us

Finums LTD strives to be worthy of our client’s trust by providing them with services which are economically beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding reliable and highly profitable investment platform among our clients around the globe. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy how your profit grows on a daily basis.

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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
Get Assured Profits

Finums LTD is fully legit and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Accepting our terms of cooperation, you can be absolutely sure of getting a guaranteed profit and full return on your investment.

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Affiliation Program

Referral Program

When you refer your family, friends and other community members to Finums LTD, you are entitled to 5% on every deposit made by your downline. For second level , you will receive 2% affiliate commission and for third level you will get 1% affiliate commission. You can reinvest your commission or withdraw at any time.
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Representative Program

Becoming an official representative of Finums LTD investment platform brings you limitless business possibilities. For direct representatives you will get 7% representative commission. For second level representative you will get 2% representative commission , for third level representative you will get 1% representative commission.
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Level Standard Commission Representative Commission
1 5% 7%
2 2% 2%
3 1% 1%